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Translated with Deepl — We work together with most of our clients over long periods of time. For the Dutch-Swedish paint concern Akzo Nobel for example, since 1999. As is so often the case, this collaboration began with a simple question: do you also make brochures? We believe that the reason for these long-standing coalitions is not only the quality of our work, our reliability and our punctuality, but also the transparency of our processes. At all times we are open about what we think, what we do, with whom we do what, how much time we need, what we and others cost, or more precisely, what it costs. In talent, in care, in vision. For us and our clients.

That’s why we have tried to describe three possible scenarios/processes based on the question ‘do you also make brochures’:

Possible assignment with formulated output (e.g. do you also make brochures?).

Independent research
– online
– asking the potential client for more information
– creating a document with easy analysis, e.g. brand archetype, competitors

– Option 1
This all looks very good. We believe that the brand/product/event is positioned in the best possible way and that the design of a brochure provides maximum added value. Design assignment for a brochure.

– Opion 2
Some things have to get better: We see that the brand/product/event is not optimally positioned and that we cannot achieve maximum added value by designing a brochure. Communication question and possible design assignment for a brochure.

– Option 3
It doesn’t work like this: We see that the brand/product/event is not able to formulate an identification offer. The design of a brochure would not add value. Possible assignment for the development of a brand and communication strategy.