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• Dirk Laucke (1965, Berlin) is completes an apprenticeship as a retail salesman after his Abitur (A-levels) before he decides in 1989 to study ‘Visual Communication’ at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). While still a student, he founded his first office and designed campaigns for the Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung and the Akademie der Künste Berlin as well as corporate identities for various medium-sized companies. In 1995 he moved to Amsterdam, where he first worked for Total Design and later for Dedato ontwerpers. In 1999 he founded Studio Laucke, which became known for its work for the Dutch furniture and textile industry. Companies such as de Ploeg, Pastoe, Akzo Nobel, and Vescom were among his first clients. In the following phase, the studio was able to attract various clients from the field of art and culture. In 2006 he meets Johanna Siebein, who is on a study visit to the Netherlands. After a short period of initially non-binding cooperation starting in 2008, the two decide to join forces as equal business partners under the name Laucke Siebein and establish a branch office of the studio in Berlin. Dirk Laucke lives with his wife, the make-up artist Esther Goldstein and his two sons in Amsterdam, Berlin and Arendsee (Saxony-Anhalt).

• Johanna Siebein (1982, Neustadt a.d. Weinstr.) studied communication design at the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar, Saarbrücken, in 2002, and during an Erasmus year at the Artschool in Enschede (AKI) she explored the Dutch design scene and met Dirk Laucke, with whom she remained in contact in the following years. After her diploma in 2008, she stays in Saarbrücken for a further six months for extended studies and a teaching position, before working as a freelance designer on several projects in 2008, including the monograph (BCAD) of the Dutch architects Benthem Crouwel and the exhibition catalogue ‘Circle of Trust’ on the occasion of the solo exhibition of the sculptor Folkert de Jong in the Groninger Museum. She is working on both projects together with Dirk Laucke. As a result of this productive collaboration, she decided to work as an equal business partner under the name of Laucke Siebein and founded a joint branch in Berlin. Johanna Siebein lives in Berlin with her husband, product designer Andreas Schütz, and her son.

• Laucke Siebein’s concepts and designs have been awarded with international design prizes and have been published widely. Dirk Laucke and Johanna Siebein regularly teach at art academies and give lectures on their work.