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The studio Laucke Siebein is the designers duo Dirk Laucke and ­Johanna Siebein based in Amsterdam and Berlin. It offers a wide range of expertise in the field of communication and the implementation of high-quality design concepts.

Our most important tool is good design, which is never about irrelevant pleasure or the fulfilment of schematic beauty. Because we believe that a brand, oriented towards innovation must also understand its audience as creative and aesthetically oriented. This is why we combine the known with the unknown and the explicit with the implicit. We make clear statements that are appropriate to the context and location, which give courage. We strive for visuals that one cannot close oneself off to. We challenge the audience by offering space for individual perspectives and experiences.

We work for start-up, small, medium and large companies, with or without a profit target, and strive for a two-way and transparent cooperation with our clients. Because what applies to the brand’s audience, applies equally to the brand itself. In order for the company to be geared towards the production of new ideas, a framework of shared identities and values is required.

Laucke Siebein is part of a dynamic network in which we seek alliances with strategic partners from the fields of corporate consulting, brand development and brand implementation and creative partners from the fields of programming, photography, styling, illustration, film, text, product design, advertising, music, architecture and publishing. In this way, new paradigms are constantly evolving and we are able to create maximum value for our current and future clients.


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Laucke Siebein GbR
Bismarckstr. 64
63065 Offenbach am Main