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Working method — At the beginning of our career we tended to work out only one concept at a time. We then presented the design, which had been carefully worked out over many hours, to our clients in a kind of surprise attack. This tactic came out of the tradition of academic education in which we were to be educated to become ‘masters of form with the exclusive licence to interpret’.

We have distanced ourselves from this 'strategy' for many years. It leads to mutual mistrust and is unsuitable for achieving results with which our clients can build a connection. Today we use a method of working in which we visualise many concepts early in the process and pitch them to our clients. This practice has the advantage that we can offer a variety of perspectives and solutions in relatively few working hours and are therefore able to let our clients participate in the creative process in time. The dynamic that arises from this two-way interaction guarantees a result that can be embraced by all participants. Because in order for the company to be geared towards the production of new ideas, a framework of shared identities and values is required.

We prefer it if, in the end, no one knows who had which idea. We or our clients.